Monday, July 23, 2007

KompoZer 0.79

KompoZer is a WYSIWYG HTML Editor based on Nvu. KompoZer provides novice web authors without any HTML experience with a tool to create web sites. It is free, easy to use yet has many features found in FrontPage and even Dreamweaver. The project strives to fix bugs in the NVU project and added new features to it. KompoZer is a continuation of the Nvu project and has corrected many bugs, improved the user interface and updated the CSS editor when compared to the 1.0 baseline. KompoZer is more stable and mature than Nvu. In March 2007 it was featured on's round up on the best free alternatives to Adobe CS3, where it was favorably compared to Adobe Dreamweaver [source Wikipedia]

Home Page

CrossLoop 1.11

CrossLoop is a free secure screen sharing utility designed for people of all technical skill levels. CrossLoop extends the boundaries of VNC’s traditional screen sharing by enabling non-technical users to get connected from anywhere on the Internet in seconds without changing any firewall or router settings. It only takes a few minutes to setup and no signup is required. CrossLoop's underlying technology was created to simplify the process of securely working with others located in different physical locations across diverse network environments. Once installed in both computers, it enables you to see the screen and control the mouse and keyboard on a remote computer. It is as if you are working side by side at the same PC. CrossLoop is a powerful productivity tool that enables you to quickly collaborate in with anyone in the world. Security is built into all aspects of CrossLoop. Session data is encrypted at the end-points before being sent using a 128-bit encryption algorithm using a randomly generated 12-digit access code. Explicit permission is required before any screen images are sent to a remote computer. CrossLoop is a secure tool to remotely assist any PC on the planet.

What's new:

- File Transfer Capability
- Switch control to make collaboration easier
- View Only and Share Control modes

CrossLoop 1.11

Yahoo! Widgets 4.0.5 Build 184

Yahoo! Widgets are small, specific applications that you can run on your Windows or Mac OS desktop. A Widget can do almost anything from displaying a weather forecast to playing a game. Widgets generally sit on your desktop and don't look like applications as we're used to seeing them in a standard window. Instead, Widgets tend to look like small pictures or animations. Yahoo! Widgets help you save time and stay current by bringing an always-updated, at-a-glance view of your favorite Internet services right to your desktop. The Yahoo! Widget Gallery offers over 4,000 desktop Widgets - the most available anywhere online. Yahoo! Widgets is the only major desktop Widgets platform that works on both Windows and Mac OSes.

Changes in Version 4.0.5

* Fixed various issues with COM objects.
* Mac: Fixed a Japanese text input problem.
* Mac: Fixed a SQLite problem on Intel-based Macs.

Operating Systems Supported

* Windows XP SP2, 2000 SP4
* Windows Vista
* Mac OS X 10.3.9 and up

Yahoo! Widgets 4.0.5 Build 184

Dell : Free laptops with broadband subscription

Dell has signed a deal with a U.K. mobile phone retailer to distribute free laptops with the purchase of a broadband Internet access subscription, continuing the company's push into the retail market. Starting in September, consumers who buy a two-year contract for America Online's broadband service through the Carphone Warehouse Group will get a coupon for a free base-model Inspiron notebook from Dell. AOL broadband costs £19.99 ($41) per month.

A similar free laptop offering was unveiled this week by mobile provider Orange UK, a move designed to get consumers who may have never owned a computer or bought broadband service using the Internet in order to grow subscriber numbers, said Jonathan Coham, an analyst at Ovum. Those customers tend to be older and are more loyal. But it won't come cheap for those operators.

Full Story @ InfoWorld

Security : BitTorrent flaw hits Opera

A 'highly critical' vulnerability has been found in the Opera web browser which could be exploited to remotely compromise a user's system. The flaw is caused when Opera uses already freed memory to parse BitTorrent headers, and can lead to an invalid object pointer being de-referenced.

This can be exploited to execute arbitrary code if the user is tricked into clicking on a specially-crafted BitTorrent file and then removes it from the download pane by right-clicking. The vulnerability is reported in version 9.21 of Opera on Windows, but security monitoring website Secunia, which rated the flaw 'highly critical', said that other versions may also be affected. The problem can be fixed by upgrading to Opera 9.22.

But what i suggest is, do not use Opera for torrents. You can use uTorrent, BitComet etc... There are many freeware/Open Source torrent clients available.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wubi 7.04.04

Wubi is an unofficial Ubuntu installer for Windows users that will bring you into the Linux world with a single click. Wubi allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu as any other application. If you heard about Linux and Ubuntu, if you wanted to try them but you were afraid, this is for you. Wubi will run on on all Windows versions from Windows 98 to Windows Vista, more platforms to come soon. 64-bit builds are possible but not yet available. Linux/*nix/*BSD are supported through Lubi, and Mac OSX will eventually be supported through Mubi (developers still needed).


Wubi is Safe - It does not require you to modify the partitions of your PC, or to use a different bootloader.
Wubi is Simple - Just run the installer, no need to burn a CD.
Wubi is Discrete - Wubi keeps most of the files in one folder, and If you do not like, you can simply uninstall it.
Wubi is Free - Wubi (like Ubuntu) is free as in beer and as in freedom. You will get this part later on, the important thing now is that it cost absolutely nothing, it is our gift to you...

What's new:

* Disabled windows downloader for Windows98

Wubi Home Page

Friday, July 13, 2007

How to Batch Process With HCEnc?

The purpose of this guide is for simple batch processing of avi's using HCEnc. A simple batch script that will allow for easy batch encoding.

First thing is this isn't a guide to use HC. This is a guide for batch processing with HC. I'm assuming that you already know how to use HC. If you need a guide to learn HC click here for Fulci Lives start to finish avi to dvd ready video and audio guide.

Full Guide @

StaxRip XviD Install Guide

StaxRip has received negative reviews from users who had difficulty installing the software.
Unfortunate since this is one of the best video conversion tools available.
This guide should help anyone having difficulty with the installation.

DVDGuy wrote an excellent guide worth reading for installation information.

- No spyware, adware or any other form of malware.
- Open Source, Freeware.
- No registry bloat, settings are saved in files within the application's directory or within the user directory.

.NET Framework 2.0: is required before downloading.

Full Tutorial @

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Universal Viewer 2.0.0

Universal Viewer is a lightweight and versatile file viewer that can open virtually any file format including PDFs, Fonts, Flash Video, SWF animations, Microsoft Office formats, Images, Music and Video Files. Supported view modes and corresponding file formats are:

* Text/Binary/Hex/Unicode: all files (unlimited size)
* RTF: RTF/ UTF-8 encoded files
* Images: BMP/ JPG/ ICO/ GIF/ PNG/ WMF/ TGA/ TIFF/ PCX/ PSD/ etc
* Multimedia: all file types supported by MS Windows Media Player (AVI/ MPG/ WMV/ MP3/ etc)
* Internet/Office: all file types supported by MS Internet Explorer (HTML/ XML/ DOC/ XLS/ etc)
* Plugins: all formats supported by Total Commander Lister plugins.

The Viewer is fully Unicodecompatible and can be integrated intoWindows Explorer's context menu,so there is no problem to call it fromanywhere in Explorer: right-clickon a file and select "UniversalViewer" item. It can also be integratedinto file managers that canpass to Viewer filenames via thecommand-line: in this case filenameshould be passed as first optionalcommand parameter (don't forget todouble-quote name containing spaces).

What's new in version 2.0.0:

* Changed: Now there are two UV versions: Free and Pro. See the help file ("Help -- Contents" command) for the differences list.
* Added: Option "Show navigation panel" (F4), Pro version only. It allows to have Explorer-like browser at the left and to open files directly from within UV window. Note that UV will load faster when navigation panel is off.
* Changed: Various histories are now saved in the separate ini file: ViewerHistory.ini (located in the same folder as Viewer.ini). These are: window size and position, recent files list, search history. You can open this file using command "Options -- Advanced -- Manually edit history file".
* Added: Help in CHM format
* Added: Commands "File -- Rename", "File -- Copy to folder", "File -- Move to folder"
* Added: Option "Advanced -- Media -- Auto-start media playback"
* Added: Option "Advanced -- Media -- Play count"
* Added: Command "Help -- Web links -- Download plugins"
* Added: Command "View -- Multimedia -- Play/Pause"
* Added: Commands "View -- Multimedia -- Volume -- Up / Down / Mute". Volume value and mute state are saved and restored on program restart.
* Added: Warning when Explorer integration option cannot be applied under Vista
* Added: Text mode: Auto-scroll when mouse is lefter/righter than text area
* Added: Text mode: Shift + Mouse Wheel scrolls horizontally, like TC Lister
* Added: Text mode: Ctrl + Mouse Wheel changes font size
* Added: Image mode: Ctrl + Mouse Wheel changes image scale
* Fixed: Statusbar was shown in Full Screen state

Home Page

Maximys Photo Creator 1.0

Maximys Photo Creator is a complete image-editing application that lets you retouch and enhance photos. Whether you’re correcting color or exposure problems, cutting out image areas, or creating and publishing images for the Web, Photo Creator gives you powerful tools that are fast and easy to use. Photo Creator supports numerous import file formats like: PCI, rla, rpf, cel, pic, gif , dib, cut, eps, fax, hip, hips, jfif , jpe , jp2 , jpc , jpeg , jpg , pcd, tiff , psp, tif, pdd, psd , pbm, pgm, png, ppm, ras, rle, bw, rgb, sgi, rgba, icb, tga , vda, vst, win, bmp, emf, ico, wmf, scr, pcc, pcx. Photo Creator has special functions for saving web graphics. To save valuable web space and bandwidth GIFs, JPEGs or PNGs can be saved highly optimized and interlaced. Due to the various import and export drivers and its integrated batch function Photo Creator is well suited as a file format converter. For example with one mouse click it is possible to read all pictures from a directory, reduce them to 256 colors for usage in the web, turn on 45 degrees and save the pictures to a different directory.
Maximys Photo Creator features:

- Extensive image editing tools make it easier to enhance lighting, color, focus, and other attributes of images acquired from digital cameras and scanners. Use Paint Tools to blur, sharpen and other imperfections.
- Photo and image effects simulate lens, blur, sharpness, textures, distort and photographic effects to bring out the best in your images. Improve your photograph's tone, lighting and color balance using Photo Creator's powerful image enhancers. Unleash your creativity by adding creative and dazzling effects using a multitude of special effects.
- Flexible text creation tools let you easily create text (including EXIF data) for your graphics and give you options for fine-tuning attributes such as rotation cut, transparency, styles and formats.
- Enhanced productivity functions let you work with a large number of image files with maximum speed and ease. The Object Inspector offers a convenient collection of properties. You can even create and save your own presets, such as custom animated effects, fills, and shapes. Finally, the integrated screen capture lets you take screenshots of any part of your workspace quickly and easily.

Home Page

Monday, July 9, 2007

Media Converter SA Edition 0.8

Media Converter SA Edition is a free file converter which supports many file types. It has also an integrated video downloader to download videos from Youtube and co.

Supported file types:

* Audio: mp3, ogg, wav, wma
* Video: 3g2, 3gp, avi, flv, m4v, mov, mp4, mpg, mpeg, rm, wmv

Special features:

* *New* Batch conversion: Convert multiple files
* Integrated video downloader in connection with
* Customizable video resolutions
* Customizable audio and video bitrate
* Copy the audio stream out of a movie and save it as an audio file
* Variable file size limit, start position and recording time

Changelog 0.7 -> 0.8:

* Added batch conversion
* New audio bitrate (160)
* Fixed some small bugs
* Error report improvements


* Windows NT/2000/XP
* Fast CPU
* .NET Framework

Home Page


Phex is a open source P2P filesharing client which is based on the Gnutella network. It is a multi-plattform and spyware free. It offers advanced functionalities and integrates all common Gnutella extensions like multi-source downloads and advanced search features.

Change log:

- GUI: Download progress bar shows different colors for different download segment types. (Downloading/Unverified/Verified)
- GUI: New security rule edit dialog, for better look and to integrate the security concept changes.
- GUI: User can select to include a freebase url in Exported file-lists (magma, rss, metalink).
- GUI: Search list is hidden by default.
- GUI: Improved network tab selection color codes.
- CORE: THEX integration to verify download data integrity.
- CORE: Redesigned large parts of the upload architecture.
- CORE: Changed security concept to only use cidr IP ranges. This change allowed a huge optimization of performance and memory. The disatvantage is that we had to drop support of IP ranges (from-to) and of 'Accept' rules.
- CORE: Faster internal query handling.
- CORE: Added metalink import.
- CORE: Reduced security list memory footprint.
- CORE: Reduced country list memory footprint [view full changelog]

Phex Home Page

Friday, July 6, 2007

Nero 7 Premium

Discover NEW Nero 7 Premium Reloaded, the ultimate PC and home entertainment solution, featuring 20 applications in one attractively-priced, Certified for Windows Vista™* media suite. Enjoy all your favorite songs with unlimited MP3 encoding support. Turn your mobile devices into full feature-rich portable media centers. Stay connected with free phone calls via the Internet. Burn all types of content onto CDs and DVDs in a wide range of formats including Blu-ray and HD DVD data recording. Nero 7 Premium Reloaded, the world’s leading digital multimedia solution, features sensational High Definition in its latest free update. The new functions make editing in High Definition format easy and enjoyable. Ready to experience crystal-clear sound and brilliant images? The latest update of Nero 7 Premium Reloaded lets you enter a world of unlimited multimedia possibilities.

Some highlight applications of Nero 7 Premium Reloaded include:

- Nero Mobile – Media Center for Mobile Devices
- Nero Home – Media Management System
- Nero Sipps - Free VoIP Telephony
- Nero Scout – Database Technology
- Nero Search – Quick and Easy Information Finder
- Nero StartSmart 3 – One-Click Project Launcher
- Nero Burning ROM 7 – Expert CD and DVD Burning
- Nero Express 7 – Easy Interface CD and DVD Burning
- Nero WaveEditor 3 – Audio Editing and Recording
- Nero SoundTrax 2 – Professional Audio Mixing
- Nero SoundBox – Beat Builder
- Nero Vision 4 – Video Editing and Authoring
- Nero Recode 2 – The World’s Fastest Video Converter
- Nero ShowTime 3 – DVD and Multimedia Player
- Nero MediaHome – UPnP™ Streaming Solution
- Nero PhotoSnap – Photo Editing
- Nero CoverDesigner 2 – CD and DVD Label Design
- Nero ToolKit – CD and DVD Utility Suite
- Nero BackItUp 2 – The Complete Backup Solution
- InCD 5 – Packet Writing Solution
- Nero ImageDrive – Virtual Drive Setup

Nero Home Page


DreamMail is one of the best email client software. It was designed to handle multi-user and multi email account. The supported protocols are SMTP, eSMTP, POP 3, Hotmail and Yahoo... With the supplementary remote mail box access function, you might use it to logon your mail account remotely and check the mail content, preview even to delete it directly from the server; The combination use of mail filter, blacklist and white list, can sort out the junk mail effectively.

Main functions of DreamMail:

* Multi-accounts & Multi-users - DreamMail can manage many users at same time, and can set perfectly many mail accounts.
* Templates and signatures management - Mail templates are included into the software, and you can easily create yourself new templates. You can also edit your signatures, and change them according to your feelings!
* Antispam filter, scan every dangerous file - The antispam filter spots spams through all your mails and send them to SPAM box.
* Miscellaneous protocols management - POP3, SMTP, ESMTP protocols are available. Webmails like Hotmail or Yahoo! are easily accessible from the User Interface.
* Rules of messages - Manage black & white lists to send your mails to your Mailbox(es) or to Spam Box(es).
* Data compress - Your data (accounts, contacts, mail list) can be automatically compressed to use less disk space and more...

Home Page

IEPlus 0.9.12

IEPlus is an add-on for Microsoft© Internet Explorer, which brings you more convenience for plain Internet Explorer(features like browse history management, super drag and drop, etc.) and thus to make your surfing fun and more comfortable, with only minimum resource requirement. IEPlus will enrich your browse experience with features like close tab when double clicked, super drag and drop, browse history management, multi-proxy management, mouse gesture, ads block based on URL and content, URL shortcuts, enhanced crash recovery, hotkey and a powerful plugin system ready to be extended. It works both for the newest IE7 and Vista, and also for the mainstream IE6 and Windows XP. Since IEPlus does not need to re-invent the wheel time and again and depends on Internet Explorer's standard interfaces, it thus is more stable and better than most third party multi-tab browsers based on Internet Explorer core.


IEPlus is fully compatible with Internet Explorer 5.5/6.0/7.0 (features relevant with Tabs are only available in Internet Explorer 7) and Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista, and we recommend you to use it in Internet Explorer 6 or later. IEPlus is small, easy to use and consumes minimum resource. During your use of it, you will gradually feel how much convenience IEPlus can bring to you.

Key features:

* IE Enhancements
* Super Drag & Drop
* Ads Blocker
* Mouse Gesture
* Extensible Plugin System
* URL Shortcuts
* Browse History Management

Home Page

Microsoft Extends Xbox 360 Warranty

Great news for all you Xbox 360 owners. Microsoft has decided to extend the general hardware failure coverage for all X360 consoles to 3 years:

"As of today, all Xbox 360 consoles are covered by an enhanced warranty program to address specifically the general hardware failures indicated by the three flashing red lights on the console. This applies to new and previously-sold consoles. While we will still have a general one year console warranty (two years in some countries), we are announcing today a three-year warranty that covers any console that displays a three flashing red lights error message. If a customer has an issue indicated by the three flashing red lights, Microsoft will repair the console free of charge—including shipping—for three years from the console’s purchase date.

We will also retroactively reimburse any of you who paid for repairs related to problems indicated by this error message in the past. In doing so, Microsoft stands behind its products and takes responsibility to ensure that every Xbox 360 console owner continues to have a fantastic gaming experience."

New Warranty FAQ <--> Letter to Xbox 360 Owners

Thursday, July 5, 2007

ManyCam 2.1

What is Manycam?

— Use your webcam with multiple programs simultaneously.
— Add text to your webcam video window with any application.
— Add cool animations in your video window.
— Show your local day and date in your video window.
— Add live CGI graphics like fire and water effects, make it appear as if it is snowing inside your house.

ManyCam 2.1 brief feature list:

* User interface was redesigned and optimized
* Windows 2000 support has been added
* ManyCam virtual driver was optimized, certified and signed with Microsoft hardware logo program
* Effects format was changed to speed-up ManyCam
* "Snapshot" feature allows user to catch and save snapshot image
* Audio support for movies
* Improved quality setting for resize algorithm
* New Color effects, Lens effects, "Flame" effect

Home Page

SUPER v.2007 build 23

What's New:

[ADD] Nintendo DS profile to output .dpg files
[ADD] ADPCM IMA & MS to avi, avi (for Pocket PC), asf, wmv, wav
[ADD] Extended VideoScaleSize and FPS selection values
[ADD] Extended VideoScaleSize with the Gif profile
[ADD] Custom VideoScaleSize and FPS selection
[ADD] option to 'Save Every Output File In The Same Folder Of Its Respective Source File'
[ADD] a frame Muxer when using the File Joiner
[ADD] A Custom Meta Tagger when rendering .flv files
[FIX] Many internal routines where optimized for stability and speed using pure assembly language

*Tool features, Convert:

3GPto3GP, 3GP to AVC, 3GP to AVI, 3GP to DivX, 3GP to FLV, 3GP to H264,3GPto MP4, 3GP to MPG, 3GP to XviD, ASF to 3GP, ASF to AVC, ASF toDivX,ASF to FLV, ASF to H264, ASF to MP4, ASF to MPG, ASF to XviD, AVCtoAVC, AVC to AVI, AVC to DivX, AVC to FLV, AVC to H264, AVC to MP4,AVCto MPG, AVC to XviD, AVI to 3GP, AVI to AVC, AVI to AVI, AVI toFLV, AVIto H264, AVI to MP4, AVI to MPG, AVI to XviD, DivX to 3GP,DivX to AVC,DivX to AVI, DivX to DivX, DivX to FLV, DivX to H264, DivXto MP4, DivXto MPG, DivX to XviD, DVB to AVI, DVB to DivX, DVB to DVD,DVB to FLV,DVB to XviD, FLV to 3GP, FLV to AVI, FLV to DivX, FLV toDVD, FLV toH264, FLV to MP4, FLV to MPG, FLV to VOB, FLV to XviD, H264to 3GP, H264to AVC, H264 to AVI, H264 to DivX, H264 to FLV, H264 toH264, H264 toMP4, H264 to MPG, H264 to WMV, HDTV to AVI, HDTV to DivX,HDTV to DVD,HDTV to FLV, HDTV to H264, HDTV to MP4, HDTV to MPG, HDTVto VOB, HDTVto XviD, MOV to 3GP, MOV to AVC, MOV to AVI, MOV to DivX,MOV to FLV,MOV to H264, MOV to MP4, MOV to MPG, MOV to XviD, MKV to3GP, MKV toAVC, MKV to AVI, MKV to DivX, MKV to FLV, MKV to H264, MKVto MP4, MKVto MPG, MKV to XviD, MP4 to 3GP, MP4 to AVC, MP4 to AVI,MP4 to DivX,MP4 to FLV, MP4 to H264, MP4 to MP4, MP4 to MPG, MP4 toXviD, MPG to3GP, MPG to AVC, MPG to AVI, MPG to DivX, MPG to FLV, MPGto H264, MPGto MP4, MPG to MPG, MPG to XviD, OGM to 3GP, OGM to AVC,OGM to AVI, OGMto DivX, OGM to FLV, OGM to H264, OGM to MP4, OGM toMPG, OGM to XviD,RM to 3GP, RM to AVI, RM to DivX, RM to FLV, RM toH264, RM to MP4, RMto MPG, RM to XviD, VOB to 3GP, VOB to AVI, VOB toDivX, VOB to FLV, VOBto H264, VOB to MP4, VOB to MPG, VOB to XviD, SWFto 3GP, SWF to AVC,SWF to AVI, SWF to DivX, SWF to FLV, SWF to MP4,SWF to MPG, SWF toXviD, WMV to 3GP, WMV to AVI, WMV to DivX, WMV toFLV, WMV to H264, WMVto MP4, WMV to MPG, WMV to XviD, XviD to 3GP,XviD to AVI, XviD to DivX,XviD to FLV, XviD to H264, XviD to MP4, XviDto MPG, XviD to XviD

SUPER Home Page

Shup 0.1.3

Shup is a small Windows utility that allows you to capture, edit, and share images (and other files) with ease!

Shup key features:

- Global hotkeys allow you to initiate the capture of either the active window or your entire desktop.
- The Shup image editor is invoked (if enabled) by the global hotkeys, and provides two basic tools: a paintbrush, with which you can paint in any color you wish to choose from the color palette dialog, and a rectangular marquee tool, which is rather insignifcant by itself but becomes quite useful when combined with flood fill and image cropping functionality.
- Uploading files to your favorite file hosting site is no problem with Shup, which currently supports, ImageShack, PhotoBucket, and WaffleImages. And after the file upload is complete, Shup places the file's URL into your clipboard for immediate sharing / spamming.
- Stashbox Secure is a recent addition to Shup, and enables you to password-protect and encrypt your files with our AES-based GigaFonzi encryption technology prior to uploading.
- The Windows shell extension installs a couple of menu items in your Windows right-click menu, such that you can right-click on any file in Explorer and upload it directly to Stashbox. We hope to allow uploading to any host from the shell extension in the future, but for now only Stashbox is supported.

Change log:

* Added Debris ( support!
* The installer killswitch now plays nice
* Fixed history display bug
* Added Change Upload Tags option to the preview window
* Redesigned the Shup main window
* Added Preferences dialog
* Added Flickr support!
* Added upload confirmation options
* Added ability to create new images in the image editor =)
* Fixed "error writing png" bug
* Fixed main window display issue where it would take over the entire screen!
* Added some icons from FAMFAMFAM (

Home Page

Mozilla Gran Paradiso Alpha 6

This is a starting point for planning and design information for the Firefox 3 release, including schedules, feature sets, and branch process information. Gran Paradiso is an early developer milestone for the next major version of Firefox that is being built on top of the next generation of Mozilla's layout engine, Gecko 1.9. Gran Paradiso is being made available for testing purposes only, and is intended for web application developers and our testing community. Current users of Mozilla Firefox should not use Gran Paradiso.

  • Updated SQLite engine to version 3.3.17
  • Support for site-specific preferences - text size
  • A new Quit dialog box that resolves termination errors
  • Added permanent 'Restart Firefox' button to Add-Ons Manager
  • Miscellaneous fixes to download manager including correctly displaying large file sizes
  • Various Places fixes
Gran Paradiso Alpha 6

Java SE Runtime Environment 6 Update 2

The Java SE Runtime Environment contains the Java virtual machine, runtime class libraries, and Java application launcher that are necessary to run programs written in the Java programming language. It is not a development environment and does not contain development tools such as compilers or debuggers. To run your application, a user needs the Java SE Runtime Environment, which is freely available from Sun. Or, you can redistribute the Java SE Runtime Environment for free with your application, according to the terms of the Runtime Environment's license.

The full internal version number for this update release is 1.6.0_02-b05 (where "b" means "build" ). The external version number is 6u05.

Release Notes

Asustek's Manual Overclocking Tool for Graphics Cards

Asustek Computer has unveiled what it calls “the world’s first hardware based real-time overclocking device for graphics cards” along with its new Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT-based graphics board. Asustek’s OC Gear real-time overclocking device should be installed into a spare 5.25” bay and connected to a USB port. Specially developed software will allow end-users to adjust system master volume, GPU clock-speed, GPU fan speed using a simple knob as well as monitor GPU temperature and current FPS information.

The EN8600 GT OC Gear graphics card from Asus is equipped with 256MB of high-speed 1ns GDDR3 memory as well as high-performance cooling system. The Asus OC Gear device itself is also compatible with various graphics cards by Asustek Computer, however, the company did not reveal whether the software needed for Asus OC Gear will support other than EN8600 GT graphics boards. Additional money end-users may have to pay for the OC Gear device compared to typical Asus EN8600 GT graphics card without it is unknown.

Xbit Laboratories

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Fujitsu Rolls Out 300GB Mobile HDD

Fujitsu has announced a 300GB external 2.5" HDD featuring a SATA interface internally and a USB 2.0 interface for connecting to a notebook computer. The drive also features a 16-point omnidirectional shock mounting design to protect the drive for rough handling. The MSRP for Fujitsu's new drive is $229 and it will be available during the third quarter. While Fujitsu may now hold the storage crown with its new drive, the spindle speed is a disappointing 4200RPM. The latest 250GB drives announced feature 5400RPM spindle speeds while 200GB units are spinning at 7200RPM.

DailyTech Launches Free Live Video

CNN launched their new website late last week without unveiling their 'free live TV' service. That functionality has just been added:

"All video, live and on-demand is available to users for free, making the site’s news video offering the most extensive on the Web."

Visitors to can now watch CNN International along with several other live video streams for free. The old subscription-based Pipeline service has been discontinued. Personal journalistic preference aside, CNN is the first major American news network to introduce a service like this. Hopefully we'll see other networks follow suit. Live Video

Monday, July 2, 2007

Koepi XviD 1.1.3

Xvid is a video codec for PC, whereas codec is an abbreviation for [co]der/[dec]oder, hence describes a program to encode and decode digital video. The purpose of encoding video data is to reduce redundancies – that means to make it smaller for faster transmission over computer networks or for more efficient storage on computer disks. Xvid is Free Software and released under the GNU GPL license. This means that the source code of the software is publically available and programmers are allowed to make modifications to the code. Also, redistribution of Xvid is permitted but only under the terms of the GPL license.

Change log:
- {core}: Fixed possible security issue in mbcoding.c

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Efficient WMA MP3 Converter 0.98

Efficient WMA MP3 Converter supports the most popular audio files formats as MP3, MP2, WMA, OGG, APE, FLAC, WAV, RealAudio, AAC, AC3, M4A, M4B,MPC, NUT and converts them into MP3, WMA, OGG Vorbis, monkeys audio (APE) or WAV format. The most modern and fast audio codecs are used in this converter, so you may compress your files with maximum quality. The program supports ID3 Tag v2. It gives you ability to transfer all of the most useful tag fields from from source file. Program supports batch conversion mode. It makes (the process of conversion) the conversion of great amount of files all at once much easier. Just add files for conversion, choose an appropriate audio format and press Start. You can also add the whole folder of/with audio files (including all its subfolders). At the same time, you have an opportunity to choose which formats to add and which not. After adding, all the files in batch will be classified according to the format. Thus, you can convert all the files into one format at once or to convert each source type of files separately. All the necessary settings can be easily changed, as they are located in the main window. It makes the process of parameter setting easier, as you don’t need to start lots of dialogs for setting. All the recent settings are memorized, so that in most cases you are only to choose the output format and start conversion. The program supports Drag&drop, so you can just add files from Windows Explorer. So, this program is an ideal way out for those who want to convert audio files in order to listen to them in mobiles and players and don’t want to go through the hassle of settings.

Key features of Efficient WMA MP3 Converter:

*It supports the wide range of popular input formats (like MP3, MP2,WMA,OGG, APE, FLAC, WAV, RealAudio, AAC, AC3, M4A, M4B,VQF, NUT),
*Batch Processing is supported, it can process an unlimited number of files at one time. Simply add file(s) to convert and press"Start conversion" button,
* Simple to use interface without bunch of graphics,
* Easily accessible settings. All settings can be changed in the main window of program,
* ID3 Tag can be derived from the input files automatically,
* It uses up-to-date and high quality audio encoders,
* It's stable and fast,
* It's clean and free, without any adware or spyware,
* The installing and uninstalling process is very easy.

Change log:

- Added extraction and conversion of audio from video files (avi, mpeg, mp4, mov, rv,rmvb, 3gp, 3g2, swf, flv, mp4, m4v, wmv, asf, mpg, vob)

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Wavosaur is a powerful free audio editor for Windows XP, ideal for editing audio clips, sound designing, mastering, audio mangling and recording of your digital audio sounds. Wavosaur lets you edit all your samples and audio recording. You can cut, copy, paste parts of your digital recording. Wavosaur provides many tools and shortcuts to make the editing very fast and efficient. The program was designed to give a powerful audio editor but very easy and fast to use. Wavosaur is also a VST host, it means you can use VST effects on your audio recording, listen in real time to the audio processed by effects, and apply the effects of course. You can make a chain of effects, this means endless possibilities with all the VST plugins effects available nowadays. Wavosaur can record from your soundcard inputs, and lets you monitor your audio ports. Inserting loop points and markers to your audio files is very easy. Wavosaur is also MIDI controlable, you can use a MIDI control surface to command the main functions of Wavosaur.


* Cut ,copy, paste, trim-crop
* Loop points creation and markers
* VST host, effect chaining
* MIDI implementation
* 2D Spectrum analysis
* 3D Spectrum analysis
* Sonogram
* real-time oscilloscope waveform, FFT & pan
* Insert silence, fade, normalize, vocal remover etc.
* Complete statistics about the waveform
* AIFF, WAV, raw format support
* MP3 import
* Recording soundcard input
* Audio conversion
* And many more...

Change log:

- Volume automation added.
- VST compatibility improved, support GUI less VST plugins
- Wavosaur is now available in french.

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