Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bonjour - Zeroconf Service discovery protocol

Hi everyone, sorry i have been too busy since last 2 months in my new job. You know guys when we change job we need to learn lots of new things (Specifically, we IT guys :( ).

Now everyone has this problem that which protocol should be used for local corporate LAN chat.Basically now a days many things are available but i think most popular one is jabber.

You can simple go to jabber.org, get good open source/freeware jabber server and client, and chat on LAN. But this needs your company to install jabber server on local server, and they can see what you are chatting in logs :).

So better you get bonjour from Apple, which is a zero config protol. It will automatically detects all PCs and printers in LAN and show you in you buddy list. You just get it from apple's site and intall you specific OS version. As a client, you can use Pidgin.

Check the image for pidgin configuration of bonjour on you local network.You must install the bonjour library from Apple which is free.

Bonjour | Pidgin