Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Firefox: most vulnerable Windows application

A firm Bit9, who listed 12 most vulnerable applications on windows,has taken Firefox on top of the list.

The browser has earned the reputation from Mozilla patching 10 vulnerabilities which could be used to gain control, access, or execute miscellaneous code via buffer overflow, malformed URI links, javascript, documents and third party tools.

The browser is well respected throughout its open source community. Users can download add-ons, themes and many other tweaks that users can be used to adjust, modify and tweak their browser for maximum performance and appearance.

List of the top 12 vulnerable applications:
  1. Mozilla Firefox
  2. Adobe Flash and Adobe Acrobat
  3. EMC VMware Player,Workstation and other products
  4. Sun Java JDK and JRE, Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
  5. Apple QuickTime, Safari and iTunes
  6. Symantec Norton products (all flavors 2006 to 2008)
  7. Trend Micro OfficeScan
  8. Citrix Products
  9. Aurigma Image Uploader, Lycos FileUploader
  10. Skype
  11. Yahoo Assistant
  12. Microsoft Windows Live (MSN) Messenger


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Notepad++ v5.1.2 Released

Released: 12.14.08

Whats New:
1. Fix localization (Japanese/Cyrillic/Hebrew...) display bug under Notepad++ Unicode version.
2. Fix Find in Files search in both Unicode/ANSI files.
3. Make Find in files thread-less to improve the performance and to avoid the crash.
4. Fix crash bug while loading File of User Defined Language.
5. Fix writing a key in registry while preference dialog launches
6. Fix crash in File Dialog if too many languages or extensions were added.
7. Fix memory leak when a file cannot be opened if it consumes too much memory.
8. Fix a vista issue : prevent Notepad++ save files to "virtual store" under vista.
9. Fusion 2 commands "activate main view" and "activate sub view" in "Focus the other view".
10. Fix close all files/app exit cancel bug.
11. Fix default button problem in Find in Files dialog.
12. Fix caret position moving problem after loading a session.
13. Fix bug when pasting to bookmarked lines in Unicode version.

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