Thursday, February 8, 2007

ASUS EN8800GTX AquaTank Graphics Card

BFG started the water cooled 8800 GTX fad at launch day, EVGA followed up with their own water cooled 8800 GTX and now ASUS is coming to the party with their own liquid cooled 8800 GTX, though the ASUS design might cause some issues for a few users.

BFG did water cooling right with their cards by making the 8800 GTX a single slot design, EVGA’s card used water blocks but was still a two-slot card. The design ASUS went with makes their 8800 GTX a four-slot behemoth. The 8800 GTX itself takes two slots then the self-contained AquaTank takes two additional slots.

This means that there is likely no way possible to be able to run SLI with ASUS AquaTank cards. ASUS also overclocked the card with a core clock of 630 MHz (575 MHz is standard), shader clock of 1458 MHz (standard is 1350MHz) and a memory clock of 2.06 GHz (1.8 GHz is standard). If you don’t intend to run SLI now or in the future this might make a good single card set up. ASUS claims the AquaTank card runs 12 degrees cooler than a stock 8800 GTX does with normal clocks.

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