Friday, February 2, 2007

Boot to Linux From Your Media Player

Japan's Turbolinux will begin selling its Wizpy Linux-based multimedia player in February. As a bonus, the device can also be used to boot a PC into the Linux OS, allowing users to access their files in their own working environment on almost any PC.

The Wizpy will be available first to customers in Japan via the company's home page on February 23 and then in shops in March. It will come in two models: a 2GB version will cost $245 and a 4GB version will cost $281.

At first glance the Wizpy doesn't look very different from other multimedia players on the market: A 1.7-inch organic light-emitting diode color screen occupies the top half of the front of the Wizpy and the lower half has a keypad. Within, there is software to play music in Ogg, MP3, and Windows Media Audio formats, and to show XviD and MPEG4 video files and JPEG images. It can also record sound to MP3 files and display text files, and has an FM radio.

But the Wizpy's flash memory hides another feature that differentiates it from other media players: a bootable version of Linux.

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