Monday, February 19, 2007

Google sues Polish poets over

it seems that google wants the whole world below it. I mean this is just worst thing they have done.They just sued a group of poets because they are using domain name for their site. If the domain is available then anyone can register it. It is not illegal.

See the news:

Izabela Krawczyk of GMAiL (Grupa Młodych Artystów i Literatów), which in English translates to “Group of Young Artists and Writers”, told AFP that Google had turned to the country's IT and telecommunications tribunal to try to stop them using Google claims that the group of Polish poets has no rights to the name, which resembles the US firm's email service Krawczyk said that at the end of last year her group was surprised to discover that the domain was available and decided to buy the rights to the domain name in order to raise the profile of GMAiL, which publicises the works of young unknowns who have not yet found a conventional editor.

News source: Physorg