Sunday, February 4, 2007

Kunihiro Tsuji's water-based MODAL loudspeaker

We've seen our fair share of strange, outlandish, overly heavy, and even ocean-related speakers before, but Japanese "sound space designer" Kunihiro Tsuji has crafted a sound reproducing medium that just might make the fishes a bit envious. The MODAL Water Speaker will be presented at this year's Milano Design Week, and aside from belting out tones, it sports quite a peculiar (albeit impressive) design scheme. The presumably monophonic speaker "transmits sound via a resonance box filled with water," and features four surrounding support beams that hold a long vase of liquid, topped off with a loudspeaker that sits atop the water's surface. Although we're not savvy on the RMS rating, price, or availability outside of the design show, we appreciate the ingenuity if nothing else, but just thinking about how our favorite artists would sound gargling a mouth full of water while singing certainly gives us pause. Click on through for the full, unadulterated (and uber-lengthy) photo

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