Monday, February 26, 2007

MDCrack - bruteforce your MD2/MD4/MD5/HMAC/NTLM1/IOS/PIX/FreeBSD/Apache/IPB2 hashes

MDCrack is a free featureful password cracker designed to bruteforce several commonly used hash algorithms at a very aggressive speed rate. It can retrieve any password made of up to 8 characters (16 for PIX algorithms) and 55 characters when salted.

In order to achieve the highest possible speed rate, this program uses several cores for each algorithm it supports. Each one of these cores provides a different level of optimization designed to best fit with a specific set of command line options.

Whatever command line configuration is used, MDCrack will always arrange to use the best available core.To date, this program supports bruteforce attacks for 18 algorithms: MD2, MD4, MD5, HMAC-MD4, HMAC-MD5, FreeBSD, Apache, NTLMv1, IOS and PIX (both enable and user) hashes,
Invision Power Board 2.x (IPB2), MD4MD4, MD4MD4S, MD5MD5, MD5MD5S, PHP, PHPS, the list of algorithms is growing up.

Multi threading allows for parallel cracking and load sharing between several CPUs and multiplies overall speed by the number of available processor(s).

This yields to phenomenal performance even on old generation multi-CPUs systems.
Several options offer fine tuning for the attack and allow to save and resume your session at a later time.

This program has multiple uses in real life, while its primary goal is obviously to test the strength of hashed passwords, it can also be used as a raw benchmark tool for integer calculs.

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