Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Professional audio with Fedora Core 6

This is the first in a series of articles that aim to provide some guidance on how to get started making use of the professional audio tools and capabilities of a Fedora Core system. This article covers playing notes using the JACK audio server, the ZynAddSubFX software synthesiser, and a virtual MIDI keyboard controller.

In the last few years Linux has made great strides forward in the provision of professional applications for the creation, manipulation, and recording of audio and music. It is now possible to create a professional level Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) using only Free Software. For a number of years audio applications for Red Hat Linux and Fedora Core have been packaged by Fernando Lopez-Lezcano in the Planet CCRMA repository; recently a Fedora Extras SIG has been created for audio, along with a mailing list. This has led to a number of audio packages appearing in the Fedora Extras repositories and a growing cooperation with Fernando regarding the future direction of audio package creation and distribution.

With the addition of applications such as JACK, ZynAddSubFX, and Rosegarden to Fedora Extras for Fedora Core 6, and other applications appearing in Fedora Extras Development or moving through the review process, it is now possible to convert a standard Fedora Core 6 install into a full-blown DAW using only a single YUM command. An unfortunate downside is that many of these applications have slow or stopped development, little documentation, and the mailing lists and forums are quiet. These articles are an attempt to document my experiences in starting to use audio applications on Fedora Core to create music.

There is one mailing list that seems to be very active and helpful for users of audio applications, the linux-audio-users list; you can also view the list archives. There is a corresponding announcement list available as well.

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