Thursday, February 1, 2007

Windows Vista Press Coverage inaccuracies

The folks over at have put together a pretty good list of corrections to for a lot of the current Vista inaccuracies that online journalist are typing:

Snippet from the site:
  1. Windows Vista requires more than 512 MB of ram. 1 GB is perfect for most users. Not 2 GB like some reviewers have been writing.
  2. Windows Vista will not physically damage your hardware if you upgrade from Windows XP and do not have enough RAM an article quoted an "expert" Best Buy employee. Vista will not "burn up" your hard drive.
  3. Windows Vista is not Windows XP with just some eye candy. Vista is actually based off of the Windows Server 2003 code.
  4. Most of the security enhancements in Vista are actually available to consumers and are not only in the business and ultimate versions. True, group policy and bit locker drive encryption are only in the business and ultimate versions.
  5. Windows Vista does break some older games such as Quake 3. Although AMD has told me that will be fixed when they release their final ATI Windows Vista driver that has OpenGL support. Update: ATI has released their final driver with OpenGL support two days ago. Thanks for pointing this out Igor!
  6. Windows Vista when used with no power management features will drain your battery faster than XP. But then again who turns off power management. In vista, many enhancements were made to actually improve battery life by making it easier for developers to write applications that are power mode aware. I have not seen a decrease in my battery life of my Lenovo X60 compared to XP.
  7. Windows Vista uses your RAM for cache, so if it's using more RAM, the obvious reason is because it's actually using the RAM properly rather than it being paged to the hard disk. When programs require the RAM, Vista releases it.
  8. People bitching about performance, I understand your heartache, but this will improve over time.