Friday, March 2, 2007

Antivirus - is it really needed? If yes then which?

Is it really needed?or we just install it because others use them? No, it is true that AV is required but you must choose it according to you system. Say i have no Internet connection and only uses my PC for programming,Audio,Video and games then i can install any good AV which takes less memory and having periodic updates about say 20 to 30 days. I means its enough for it.But if i heavily use Internet and download lots of stuff then i should install it with web and mail and other security filters also. Also you should install spy ware removal tools.

Finally i just got a good anti virus software.I was stuck with Norton Anti virus,because it needs subscriptions(i mean its paid which i don't want to do for my home usage) and above all,Norton takes lot more memory.So whatever your memory or processor is,it will slow it down.I am not saying this because i hate is a good piece of software but for those who are having good hardware with lot of i was very confused.

so when yesterday, when i got my new broadband connection, i have downloaded Avast!Home Edition.It seems to be fine.I have searched for free anti viruses and found,

1.AVG Home Edition (
2.Avast!Home edition
3.Anti virus Personal Edition (i forgot the name, may be wrong)
5.BitDeffender Free version

and some others also but i didn't remember it.

Now i have to choose one of them.I have used AVG Anti virus before, so i tried for others and found Avast! better then others.So i installed it and its working fine, without any memory issues or slowing down my PC!so it is your choice that what your PC needs?You also can install some spyware removal program.some good spy ware removals are,

1.Spy ware Blaster
2.Lavasoft Adaware free edition

and many more... i can list all of them here,but it doesn't mean.You can get list on Google.So main thing is what you feel great for your pc,you can use that thing.i have use both spy ware removal tools.but i think spy ware Blaster is best.

so go ahead and choose your choice!

Parth Barot.