Thursday, March 1, 2007

Broadcaster iGrab and Broadcaster StudioPRO

Broadcaster iGrab - video search tool

Broadcaster iGrab is a simple video search tool that searches several online content providers for videos or images that match your search query. It download the found items and allows you to view them with the built-in player or save them to your hard drive.

Pros: Searches multiple online sources; parental controls to lock files

Cons: Slow search; very slow downloads

Broadcaster StudioPRO - broadcast and record video

Broadcaster StudioPRO enables you to broadcast video files, desktop activity or streaming video via your webcam. The program acts as a virtual camera drive, and you can configure any webcam application (e.g Yahoo Messenger, Live Messenger, Skype etc.) to use the Broadcaster driver instead of your regular camera. Broadcaster will then act as a proxy between your webcam and the application, allowing you to switch between live webcam capture and broadcasting of saved files, or even desktop activity. In addition, the program also enables you to broadcast to multiple applications, allowing you to use your webcam with more than one messenger application at the same time. Broadcaster StudioPRO can also be used to record video playback from other media players or web browsers by placing the recording frame over the video area and recording it. The video can then be saved as MPEG, MP4, AVI or VOB file. The program offers some unique features, we particularly liked the ability to send desktop activity via Live Messenger (or other applications). The lack of detailed documentation however will make it difficult to use for novice users.

Pros: Record and broadcast desktop activity or saved video files; record on-screen video; broadcast your webcam to multiple applications
Cons: Lack of proper documentation

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