Friday, March 2, 2007

CSS(Content Scrambling System) Protected DVDs

According to reports, the DVD Forum has announced its support for the Content Scrambling System (CSS) protected content on DVDs during the 36th Steering Committee meeting in Tokyo.

To be more precise, the DVD Forum has approved the technology that allows users to burn and download copy-protected content from both DVDs as well as CSS-protected downloads to a special type of DVD for use in set-top DVD players. And this technology will require DVDs that will be a little different from those typically used these days.

It is, meanwhile learnt that this technology was proposed by the DVD Copy Control Association (DVD CCA), which is responsible for licensing the CSS copy-protection system used on most commercial DVDs.

The DVD CCA claims that these special DVDs will be compatible with a majority of DVD players available in the market today. The association further pointed out that the technology would be initially available only for professional use, which includes kiosks in retail stores where consumers will be able to buy fully CSS-complaint DVDs instead of a vague format that is not even compatible with most normal DVD players.

The DVD CCA added that if such professional applications turned out to be successful, then further services that allow consumers to download and burn from the comfort of their homes, would follow suit.

Meanwhile, the DVD Forum is also considering a special logo for CSS-capable devices.