Tuesday, March 20, 2007

KlipFolio - information awareness and notification application

KlipFolio is an information awareness and notification application for Windows that saves you time and effort by intelligently monitoring remote data sources--like weather, stocks, news, RSS feeds and even auctions--right on your desktop. With KlipFolio you don't have to give up your desktop to stay on top of what matters to you. And with over 4000 Klips available for download---all small, resizable, customizable and skinnable---you're sure to find exactly what you need to stay ahead of, well, everyone.


* Smallest dashboard Klips are tiny, so they stay out of your way until you need them.
* Always up-to-date New information flows into Klips so you don't have to go looking for it.
* Monitor anything If your Web browser can access it, a Klip can monitor it. There are over 4000 Klips at KlipFolio.com to get you started.
* Built-in RSS support Monitor your favorite RSS feeds on your desktop using Klips.
* NEW Intelligent sidebars Place Klips along any screen edges, keeping them always visible, or enable auto-hide for smallest screen usage.
* NEW Liquid layouts Klips flow around your desktop as you drag and drop them, making it easy to customize your layout.
* NEW Send to a friend Share things you've found in KlipFolio with your friends and colleagues.
* Skinnable Download skins, change colours and adjust fonts.
* Multi-language Full unicode support (over 24 languages) in Klips and KlipFolio's interface.
* Built-in alerts Set desktop alerts for keywords and new articles in any Klip so you are notified as soon as changes occur.
* Developer-friendly Klips are smart, easy to build, and fully scriptable. You can write a Klip in as little as 7 lines of XML.

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