Friday, March 2, 2007

Why Compress/Convert Videos to MPEG4?

Now a days mp4 is very popular.On every site you will get links related to tolls,videos,tutorials for mpeg4 compression.

why people use it?why it is so popular? I think everybody knows the answer.But let me write it here.

Todays many DVD/CD hardware players (almost all) supports mp4 (divx,xvid) video formats.That means you can convert your 4.7GB (or dual layer also) to 1CD AVI(may be xvid or divx) file.That saves a lot space and also lessens a wreck of CD/DVDs.So now you can put minimum 6 avi video files in one 4.7GB DVD. So just think about it. its easy to maintain because now you have more data in less space.isn't its great? But it sucks also!

why it sucks? because it takes a hell lot of time on a old slower pc to convert a whole DVD to 1CD rip.Because,

1st You need to rip CD to PC.
2nd You need to compress it with some tool.

Now 1st step is easier but in 2nd step...oh really sucks if you do it on your own PC. I have Pentium 3 1GHX with 256 MB RAM. I have compressed 2 movies and ya FYI, i have done it from 2CDs to 1CD.And it has taken more than hour for 1CD,means 2.5 hours minimum for 2CDs.

If you have latest PC, then you can do it in less time.The whole DVD in a small size.And ya, the quality will be nearer to the same uncompressed files on DVD.I mean in mpeg4,it will do the things in such a manner that a human eye can not see (or can not find) the changes in original and compressed version.Its a change of bits.

Say you have taken VBR(Varialbe bitrate) and suppose a scene in a movie in which there is no or less motion then it will set frame's bitrate to very low and for the motional scenes set the bitrate nearer to highest. So final output video have a good average bitrate.Same thing happens in Audio compression also.

The ideal choice to view is MP4 but i suggest not doing it yourself.Just fins on Internet.Today you will get lot of full videos in mp4 in torrents and p2p downlaods.But ya, takae care that it is legal,otherwise you can be in trouble.Afterall, it is your choice that what you want. If you can't find then buy a DVD in bulk (borrow money or together with friends) and then share them, then you don't need mp4,but if you want to store(backup) movies in DVDs or Hard Disks then MP4 is better.And you can also see it on TV with you latest DVD/CD player which supports MP4.Put one DVD and enjoy 6 movies in one go!

Tools which are very useful for video conversion/compression,

2.AutoGK (Auto GordianKnot)
4.K-Lite Mega Codec Pack (having almost all the codes for video and audio)
5.DVDShrink (backups DVDs in small sizes)

And many more tools...just visit and

Please review this article,submit your comments on Video/Audio Compression/Conversion or mail me.

Parth Barot.

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