Wednesday, March 21, 2007

'Windows DRM Not Up To Snuff' said BitTorrent Founder

On the opening day of the VON conference, Bram Cohen (the founder of BitTorrent) was among several others who spoke out against digital rights management software and specifically the implementation of it in Microsoft Windows, saying it is slowing the shift of video to Internet. "We've got a problem we share with everyone. Content owners want a DRM, consumers know what a DRM is" and they don't like it, said Cohen. "We are using Windows DRM because it is the only solution that has been vetted widely, but we are not happy with how it affects playback from a technology point of view, it sometimes makes playback not work." Nevertheless, Cohen, who claims BitTorrent (San Francisco) has the largest catalog of digital video now on the Web, expressed confidence the Internet will become the primary source for video in the future. BitTorrent has several projects in the works including a new product to let businesses distribute content, an ad-supported video service and a streaming video capability.

Source: InformationWeek