Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dell - Selling Unlocked Mobile Phones

Dell seems just as interested as anyone else in terms of the ultra-high-end mobile phone market. The world's second largest PC-maker is using its online store to sell Nokia mobile phones which are completely unlocked, meaning the devices will work with just about any GSM carrier in North America. Currently, Dell the following contract-less Nokia phones: Nokia E61 for $383.40, Nokia E61i for $423.77, Nokia N80 for $447.78 and Nokia N95 for $736.53. Dell's pricing on the phones is competitive with boutique vendors, but generally more expensive than the imported devices listed on eBay. However, since the phones are available through the Dell Small Business website, coupon codes and bulk purchasing will bring deep discounts for the prudent technophile. At this time, Dell does not carry any other brand of unlocked phones.