Friday, June 15, 2007

MessengerDiscovery Live 1.3.0321

MessengerDiscovery Live is a free Windows Live Messenger add-on. MessengerDiscovery Live adds extra features to Windows Live Messenger that are not included by Microsoft. You can tell which of your contacts have deleted you, imitate your contacts, remove advertisements and protect your custom emoticons. That's just the tip of the ice burg though, check out the features page for a full list of what MessengerDiscovery Live can do for you!

Advanced Contact Manager
- See contacts who have deleted you
- See Yahoo! contacts
- View contact MSN/Windows Live Messenger version
- Messages received count
- Messages sent count
- Message ratio statistic
- See the last message received and when
- See the last time contacts came online (since MessengerDiscovery was installed)
- See when contacts came online (since MessengerDiscovery was installed)
- Display picture stealing

Advanced Contact Functions
- Remove contact 'now playing' and personal messages
- Alert when a contact returns from away/busy/idle
- Alert when a contact comes online
- Alert when a contact goes offline
- Alert when a contact deletes you
- Alert when a contact adds you
- Alert when a contact opens a conversation
- Alert when a contact closes a conversation

Instant Message Tools
- Imitate your contacts (using command !imitate)
- Auto reply to certain messages (accepts wild cards too)
- Message holding while away/busy/etc.
- Conversation nick name
- Remove your 'is typing' message
- Flash scroll lock upon receiving message
- Always be shown as 'typing a message'
- Remove your 'is recording' message
- Stop window flashing
- Show IM window upon receiving a message
- Auto response to any message

- Block web links from un-trusted contacts
- Block application invites
- Block winks, nudges, custom emoticons and voice clips
- Profanity filter
- Message flood protection and more...

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