Sunday, August 19, 2007

Loading multiple drivers via USB in Vista Install

Windows Vista brings one very welcomed change in the install process of this highly troublesome OS. With Vista, you have the option of pre-loading third-party drivers from a removable storage device such as a CD or even your trusty flash drive. Yes, this is a somewhat decent attempt at finally making the floppy drive a thing of the past. However, this feature is not without its share of flaws. After quite a number of Vista installs, some of which involved loading more than one RAID driver, I have come across a number of very annoying issues that most would want to be aware of.

Whether or not it is needed to actually install the OS itself, it is always best to load all your third-party controller drivers during the install process. This will eliminate a number of issues you may encounter when attempting to load them after the installation is complete. With Vista, this is highly recommended right now as I have encountered quite a number of RAID driver issues when attempting to install a device after the Operating System is already running.

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