Wednesday, September 19, 2007

AutoMKV 0.90b

AutoMKV is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for MPEG-4 encoding tools. Its aim is to provide a user-friendly interface to the encoding tools without sacrificing the ability to tweak tool and codec-specific settings if necessary.


AutoMKV has the following main features:

* User-friendly graphical user interface
* Batch processing
* Define settings for each batch item separately
* Support for multiple media file formats
* Support for anamorphic encoding
* Intelligent algorithm for selecting optimal combination of quality/resolution to hit target media size
* Support for special media types such as Zune and PSP media

AutoMKV supports the following video sources for input:

* DVD (as IFOs and VOBs on HDD or on DVD Drive)
* MPEG-2 (and all its wide family like: VOB/TS/M2V...)
* MPEG-4 (DivX, Xvid, H.264, VC1...)
* User-Created Avisynth Scripts
* Anything else that can be played by Windows Media Player

AutoMKV supports the following Video codecs for output:

* XviD
* H.264 (Using x264 as the Encoder)

AutoMKV supports the following Audio codecs for output:

* MP3 (Using LAME as the Encoder)
* AAC (Both HE and LC, Using Coding Technologies (Included) or Nero (Not Included) as the Encoder)
* OGG Vorbis
* The Original Audio from the Source Can be Copied.
* A User Created .BAT file can be used.

AutoMKV supports the following Media Containers:

* Matroska
* MP4
Instructions for installation and system requirements are available on this page, or you can find them as the first section in the mentioned manual.

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