Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Axialis IconWorkshop 6.10

Axialis Software has released IconWorkshop™ version 6.10. Axialis IconWorkshop™ is a professional authoring tool which permits to create, convert and manage icons for Windows® (up to 256x256 for Windows Vista™) and for Macintosh® (up to 512x512 for Leopard).

This major release includes the following features:

* Compatible with Windows Vista™ - Many Windows Vista™ compatibility issues have been fixed in this version. The program is fully compatible with UAC (User Account Control).
* New Interface for Windows Vista™ - The application automatically detects Windows Vista™ and propose a new user interface compatible with the new Aero™ visuals.
* Free icons and new samples - The application now includes many new icons and samples (up to 256x256) that you can freely use in your projects.
* Make program files containing Windows Vista™ compressed icon - Microsoft Visual Studio versions 6 to .NET 2005 do not support creation of executables with PNG-Compressed 256x256 icons for Windows Vista™. Axialis IconWorkshop permits to compress icons directly in EXE/DLL files and use Windows Vista™ icons in your software projects.
* Create icons the professional way using ready-to-use Photoshop templates - 10 ready-to-use Adobe Photoshop® Templates are provided with Axialis IconWorkshop™. Load templates in Photoshop® directly from IconWorkshop™, draw your icons in several formats and transfer the whole work in IconWorkshop. Your icon is created in one step. You can even create your own template using an easy to use XML description file.
* Support for 512x512 Macintosh icons for OSX 10.5 Leopard - Create extra large 512x512 icons for the new MacOS 10.5. Axialis IconWorkshop now fully support this size.

3 new Object Packs - "Realistic Buttons" is composed of 500 image objects designed to create icons in the style of Windows Vista™. "Quick Toolbars" is a collection of 256 image objects which permits to quickly create program toolbars. "Web 2.0 Icons" pack is composed of 601 image objects which permits to create icons and buttons in the style of Web 2.0.

* Axialis IconWorkshop™ has a Lifetime License: If you've purchased a previous version, you're entitled for a free upgrade to version 6.10.

Download: Axialis IconWorkshop 6.10 | 19.1 MB (30-Day Tryout Version - $39.95 / $69.95)

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