Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Guide 2.0 dev 2

The Guide evolved from the need to have an application that could organize information and ideas in a hierarchical, tree-like structure. Tree-based structures are frequently employed to manage information through a "divide-and-conquer" approach, wherein each level of the tree represents a further level of specialization of the parent-level topic — the best example of this being a book.

The Guide is an application that allows you create documents "guides" which inherently have a tree which you can modify as you please and text associated with each node of the tree. The text itself is of the rich-text variety, and the editor allows you to modify the style and formatting of the text (fonts, bold, italics etc).

For the initiated, the Guide is a two-pane extrinsic outliner. This concept is similar to mindmapping in some ways.

New Features (since v1.6):

- Proper hyperlinks.
- Link targets are shown in status bar.
- Node expand/collapse state is remembered.
- Upgraded to Rich Edit 5.0.
- Ported to unicode. East european, east asian characters supported fully in tree pane also.
- Foreground and background color of nodes in tree pane can be changed via RMB menu.
- Node colors are used when printing and exporting also.


- .gde file format has changed. The Guide v2.x series can read files of both format, and will write out in the new file format.

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