Saturday, September 8, 2007

LG's 2nd-Gen Dual Format HD DVD, Blu-ray Player Due in October

Nine months after it debuted its first dual format HD DVD/Blu-ray player at CES, LG has officially announced its new updated player, due in October.

Unlike its predecessor, the new player -- dubbed the BH200 -- will support both BD-Java and HDi, providing interactive functionality for discs of both formats. The player will also feature 1080p output at 60Hz, and HD DVD network connectivity.

The new player expected to run $999 when the player hits store shelves.

In mid-August LG lowered the price of its existing BH100 by $200 to $999 following reports that Samsung's planned BDP-UP5000 hybrid player would retail for 1,049. Since then, readers have spotted the first-gen LG player retailing for as low as $795 at select stores.

[ Via: highdefdigest ]