Friday, September 7, 2007

Samsung SC-DC173 DVD Digital Camcorder Review

The Samsung SC-DC173 looks really small; it fits and feels snug for the most part on my hand. The DVD camera sizes in at 54x87x121 (WxHxD) and is really light. You won’t have any trouble carrying it around and using it for extended uses.

Second of all I don’t like how the zoom dial is built. The zoom dial which tilts left and right feels cheap for some reason. It feels too loose for my taste. In fact the unit I am reviewing had times where I would let go of the zoom button and it would still be zooming slowly. This means it has the possibility of getting stuck.

Thirdly, on the bottom of the camera lie the SD card slot and its cover. The cover is made of plastic but this one is hard to remove and is annoying to move around.

There really isn’t much buttons on the SC-DC173 which is preferable for some people. Some people just like a camcorder that they can just pick up and use without having to fiddle around with any settings. The SC-DC173 is exactly that type of camera.
The LCD screen is 2.7” in size and has a resolution of 112K. The LCD screen moves very quickly and is super smooth. I know for a fact that on some really cheap camcorders (Mustek, etc) and on some cheap digital cameras that the LCD lags. This one does not do such a thing. The LCD color output is good because there is a nice natural saturation present. The screen itself is matte and is not shiny which a good thing is on a bright sunny day. In extremely bright days the camera has a “LCD Enhancer” mode right above the LCD that makes the screen even brighter. For the most part the LCD screen is totally usable during any circumstances.

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