Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dell Opens Second European Plant in Poland

Thanks to the Dell’s decision to open the company’s newest and most advanced manufacturing facility in Poland, Dell production and personalization capabilities will now be closer to increasing numbers of consumers and businesses in Central and Eastern Europe and will significantly improve delivery times as well as service support. Currently, 1,200 employees work in the facility. The 37,000 square-meter Łódź manufacturing facility, Dell’s second in Europe, has a number of community projects underway, including enabling two Łódź schools from the Widzew district to receive Dell products worth U.S. $35,000 and more than 100 Dell employees planting trees in the Lublinek forest park. The latter was the first stage of Dell’s ‘Plant a Tree’ initiative, which saw 130,000 trees planted in Łódź and its surrounding area last year.

“Dell’s success as a business has been based on combining excellence in manufacturing with a deep understanding of what our customers need. As we saw our Central and Eastern European businesses grow, we knew we needed a manufacturing base here to maintain our ambition for the region. Our operations in Łódź mean we can maintain this momentum and offer a superior service to customers,” said Dell CEO Michael Dell.