Monday, March 3, 2008

Gajim : Jabber client can use multiple protocols!

Yes this is truth.
Gajim is the best jabber client i have seen. Ihave written many article on IM clients, because i have used all of them.

Miranda is good but UI is not good and too much configuration.

Pidgin is the best if they can provide single file (even per day is better) history log for chats and broadcasting message to multiple contacts.

Spark is good but eats all my memory.

Many others are there which lacks some things, so not mentioning all of them here.

Now i will talk regarding Gajim only. Basically it supports multiple jabber accounts. Yes,
you can use your local lan jabber, Google talk and any other account using jaber protocol.

I am using it for local lan and gtalk jabber. So i am running 3 accounts (2 are for gmail :) ).

Now the turn for steps of yahoo and msn support on gajim.

1. Make any of your jabber account working. Any one, your local or google talk.

2. Then discover services for other transports with your jabber server. If your local jabber server supports transports, its best.

3. (for google talk) is not supporting any transports. so change server name in service discovery window to
'' (for yahoo) and '' (for msn). I have used this way because has some problem with msn transport.

4. Register with that transport with your specific account and all your contacts will be added in your account through which you have discovered the transport
(i.e if you used account for discover then all contacts will be added in that account).

Done! Enjoy your chatting.

Some shortcuts to use with gajim

- Type name of contact for search in group.
- In chat window, clik Ctrl + H for history window, Ctrl +I for information of contact and in that info window click Alt +L to disable/enable logging for that contact.

Enjoy using it with most protocols with transports.
And if you want even more then you have to find other transport servers. or you have to use pidgin.
Keep in your mind that Transports still works even your port for specific protocol is banned because it connects through jabber port :)

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yes, it is really good