Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Quick review: Firefox 3 beta 4 Vs Safari

Both just launched. Both are fast. both are having cool UI. but this is what i got on little testing.

Firefox 3 beta 4

-Good memory handling. now uses less memory then FF 2.
-Browsing is faster then before. Loading time is better now.
-With more number of tabs, memory usage will be in limit. not increasing to exsessive.
-Main problem is only two addons working right now : stumbler and noScript :(
-Better then FF2 in speed,memory usage and UI.
Safari 3.1 final
-Good UI but less configurable compared to Firefox. -Site loading time is very fast. -Initially starts with low memory but gradually reaches at top memory usage (say 160
to 180 mb) with more number of tabs same as Firefox 2.

Both support bookmark/history searching of URLs while typing in address bar.
Loading time is fast in both but safari uses more memory gradually.
So, in final, use Firefox 3 beta or wait for final Firefox.Don't go on safari.