Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tips: Get Unlimited Gmail accounts with your one!

Most Gmail users will answer one! Rest will answer 2-3 or little more. But in reality, all Gmail users have infinite Gmail addresses even if they have registered for only one Gmail account!

All these addresses act as aliases to Gmail address you use and can be divided in three categories as explained below. At the end some smart tips are given to make use of these aliases to get more from your Gmail accounts!

So lets start with aliases now…

#1. alias

Every have a alias by default.

#2. dot [.] alias

Gmail ignores dot [.] character in email address. Means all of the following are same…

#3. Plus [+] alias

Now first look at this example -

Now this is also same as -

Gmail ignores plus [+] character and anything after that in ID part!

#4. Combination of aliases

Yep, you can use above aliases in any possible combination.

Now you can create specific filters for specific 'To' email ids.It will categorize your emails.

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