Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Messanger group chat on your WL Messenger!

Messenger Group, developed with Windows Live Messenger platform, is a service for a group of Messenger users chatting together in real time. Maybe you think that Windows Live Messenger supports multi-conversation, but this multi-conversation is temporary, will be dismissed with the finish of conversation.

Compared with multi-conversation, Messenger Group is an existing group with each member in, members can talk together at any time without creating a temporary multi-conversation. Messenger Group makes a group of people connecting closer, no matter whether they are on your Messenger contact list. You can create a group for a team, a department or a company to chat online together.

Now if you have a Windows Live ID, then go to Messenger Group website (http://www.messengergroupchat.com) to create your own Messenger Group.
* Free to create Messenger Groups
* Each Messenger Group can have 900 members at most
* Group manager can change group name and display picture
* Group manager can set an administrator to help manage group
* Group member can change their nickname in the group
At present there are more than three million users and 500,000 Messenger groups have been created.

Messenger Group official website