Friday, April 25, 2008

Review: Executor - Freeware Application Launcher

Most techie people like their PC easy accessible.They want everything handy and in control.They want their desktop and Quick launch bar clean and with no shortcuts at all.

I was used to clean my desktop and quick launch but was accessing every program through 'run' dialog or start menu.

Then i got this application launcher which is very light weight and handy.

Executor is a free ware application launcher.Its having very easy configuration dialog as below which allows you to change
-Hot key
-drop down box

You can add your own commands for anything like a folder,file or any executable.
But the best thing is it supports importing all commands from start menu. yes, its very easy. You just press 'ctrl+I' and it will show you all the programs from start menu.Select your wish list from it and add them.

Now all your favorite programs are handy at just one hot key 'Win+Z'.Type the name of program and executor will fetch and show you its icon also.

It takes some 9 to 10 MB memory of no matter what is your PC configuration, you can use this small tool to get your work done fast!

I have used other launchers out of which one is Launchy which is nice tool but it eats around more than 25 MB of CPU memory.

I am using this since more than 1 year and as per me,this is the best launcher.