Sunday, May 4, 2008

Firefox extension for testing regular expressions

Regular expressions are used for complex string validation and manipulation. For example they can be used for checking an email address for correct syntax, which the user entered into a form. Regular Expressions Tester is used for validating these expressions and is therefore usefull for developers of software and web applications.


* Instant highlighting of text matches
* Saving, editing and loading expressions
* Import/Export of expressions via XML
* Auto-closing of brackets
* Replacing of matches found by an expression
* Changing colors for fore- and background
* Copying to the clipboard
* Many different translations


Sliver said...

Any chance you could update this for FF 3 RC?

Parth Barot said...

FF 3 RC can use your all current extensions if you disable version check and security things.

type 'about:config' in address bar and check the properties.

and i found this one for you...:)
please check this URL, it shows how to disable security check in FF3 to get all your extensions working.