Thursday, May 29, 2008

Google has been sued, asked for $77.5 Million

One more 'sue' news. And this time one of the biggest companies caught. Yes, Google has been sued for copyright violation, for posting news from Belgian newspaper on Google news. What is this i mean? If Google is doing this since years, posting news and links to others, no one has complained till now.

What you think? Is this right? Or the newspaper company wants a benefit from Google? What Google will do? Because they just want their hands out of such things ASAP. I think they will pay something appropriate.

A group of Belgian newspaper publishers wants Google to pay up to €49.2 million (US$77.5 million) in damages for violating copyright law by publishing their articles on Google News and caching their web pages.

It made the claim in a court summons served last week, and made public on Wednesday. The Belgian publishers' group Copiepresse first filed suit over the Google News service in April 2006.

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