Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Google: Publishers Making Adsense Invisible (Please dont do it)

Blogger’s and website publishers are go for Google Adsense because it’s very easy to signup and within few days you will start earning money. Whenever publisher uses the Google Adsense code it uses a JS file that will create an IFrame and that IFrame will display the Google ads on your website. Google uses the IFrame method because it prevents website publisher to create same text and background that matches their website. So in this way Google makes very hard to hide Google Adsense ads, but here is the method that will hide the complete Google Adsense ads in your website or blog.

Google should look this issue really seriously because this can be used by publishers to make any Google Adsense invisible and that ad may look like any image or URL.
Showing you the working example will violate the Google’s TOS and this article is not meant to do that. Here is that code that can be added to your Stylesheet or directly the place where you want to show Google Adsense ad.


This method works on all browsers. If you are planning to test this code in your blog or website please think that you are violating the Google’s TOS and no matter how much revenue you generate from tricking users into clicking something, once you are reported and your website is investigated your account will be gone forever and so will all the money that you generated fraudulently.

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