Thursday, May 15, 2008

Strong password - Here's how you do it !

It is very a simple question how do you create a strong password to improve security and the answer is very simple. Before choosing a password, you should always remember these terms.

Passwords should
* Never use a common word that you might find in a dictionary.
* Never use a numeric series, either forwards or backwards, i.e., 123456 or 654321.
* Never use a string of all identical letters or numbers, i.e., AAAAAA or 111111.
* Never use a common keyboard shortcut, i.e., ASDFG or QWERTY.
* Never use a word(s) that can be easily associated with you, such as the name of your child, pet, spouse and so on.
* Never use an alphabetic series either forwards or backwards, i.e., ABCDEF or FEDCBA.

Passwords should/must have following terms
* Always combined your password including numbers, characters, special characters i.e @#$%^&*.
* Should have minimum length of 12 character.
* Should be changed in every 30 to 45 day.

The above mentioned points should always be remembered while choosing your password.

For gods sake do not use the same password for all your logins..