Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Who should use Ubuntu?

Since the the release of Ubuntu 8.04 a couple of weeks ago there has been a number of reviews done to show what is good or bad about Ubuntu. Reviews certainly have their place and we all like to know what is going to work and what we will have to tweak. However, I thought that perhaps a better question to asked is who should be using Ubuntu?

So after some serious thought, here is my list of 5 types of users that should be using Ubuntu.

1) The Basic Home Users
These are those people who do nothing more than turn on their computers, open their internet browsers and check email, surf the internet, listen to music and maybe balance the checkbook.

2) The SOHO Users
The Small Office Home Office crowd is really a perfect fit for Ubuntu. This user group generally needs a stable, easy to use, low cost solution to computing.

3) The Cost Conscious User
Let’s face it the economy isn’t exactly firing on all cylinders right now. For those that are looking to save a few bucks, Windows is not going to be your best friend.

4) The Socialist Users
This group can be defined a number of ways, but I like to think of them as the people who are interested in advancing society through common works. These are the people that realize the world can be better if we work together for that purpose.

5) The Blogger/Webmaster Users
This group of users is pretty strait forward. These are users that have a website or blog that is not hosted by WordPress, Blogger or TypePad (or other lesser known hosts). If you are in this group then you probably like to try out changes to your site before you actually go live.