Thursday, May 8, 2008

YouTube India is Launched

With News Corp's MySpace having launched in India, can Google-owned YouTube be far behind? The popular video-sharing Web site today launched its local Indian version at

YouTube India is different in that it features a localized home page plus search functions, allowing users create and share videos, discover the most popular/relevant videos in India, and generally connect with other Indian and global users. Over time, YouTube India is expected to have an entirely 'local' flavor and feature content and functionality that is most desired by Indian users.

YouTube India sports local features like promoted videos, featured videos, home page promotions, localized user interface and help center, user support and community features (video ratings, sharing, and content flagging), and intends making easier for the Indian YouTube community to search and view videos from India. In addition, content uploaded by users in India would show up as 'top favourites' and 'recommended content' on the local YouTube Web site. YouTube India also aims at facilitating exchange amongst the large Indian NRI community.

Meanwhile, YouTube India has already inked partnerships with the likes of UTV, NDTV, India TV, Zoom TV, Rajshri Films, Eros Entertainment, IIFA, the Ministry of Tourism, IIT Delhi, and KrishCricket to name a few, with the objective of bringing exclusive Indian content to users in newer ways. Enjoy guys

Source: TechTree