Friday, June 20, 2008

Dell is always Hell - charging to downgrade to XP!

I had never liked dell configurations for desktops specifically.I prefer assembled ones.And for laptop, i suggest HP/IBM.

But this is something different weird thing friends. Dell has announced that it will stop selling new computers with Windows XP from now on, unless buyers spend an extra $50 to downgrade their operating system!

What is this?I mean this is something like buying some gas for your car and you will be charged for cleaning and air feeling!I think dell thinks that people will not take vista and they will get benefit. And yeah, sure if people will want XP then dell gets some more bucks on each purchase!

I suggest you,first, don't purchase dell :D. And if you, then take it as it is. And install yourself Windows XP you owning at home.So no need to pay extra $50.

As Microsoft said,
"Last year you told us you weren't quite ready to say goodbye to Windows XP. We listened. That's why we delayed our plan to stop selling it until June 30, 2008."
,dell planned to get money from this also.So clever. :)

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