Monday, June 23, 2008

Livestation - NEW beta

Livestation is a free software application that provides a range of live news television channels and radio stations that can be received on a computer anywhere with a basic broadband connection. You can watch television on your desktop, or on your laptop, at home, at work, on the move, or in a hotel room, provided you have a broadband internet connection or wireless access.

Livestation allows you to receive live TV and radio news from the world’s leading broadcasters on your PC, via a multi-channel interactive application on the desktop giving you a unique window on the world’s news. You can watch Livestation full screen or minimised to fit in the corner of your screen, enabling you to carry on with other tasks while also keeping an eye on the news. You can flick between channels, just as you would on your TV set.

new in Livestation
- Personalise your player with your own channels(stream bookmarks).
- Bookmark your own channels, tag them, search for them
- Watch your own channels in Livestation.
- Twitter integration [full changelog]


Anonymous said...

That sounds way cool!

Parth Barot said...

yeah, thats really nice if we can see all TV on PC only using internet.
But fact is i can't because my broadband has a limit :(.

but yeah, when net will be cheaper,people can use this kind a things :)


ajay said...

that;s a real good software

Parth Barot said...

have you used it ajay? I am asking because if so,you can tell others how to use, about the features and bugs etc...

though,as i said earlier, cheaper net will maximize it's usage :)