Saturday, June 7, 2008

Microsoft Videos BETA: A Silverlight Promotion?

Microsoft Videos lets us explore and watch Microsoft's collection of online video. The whole experience is built using Microsoft Silverlight platform. The site is a collection of all types of Microsoft videos which includes demos, advertisements, tutorials, press releases, Microsoft Research videos etc. We can scan through Quick Picks for the latest videos, or enter a search for a particular video and we can also choose from one of the given Video Categories.

I have checked the site. It seems quite good for developers who want to lear new MS technologies using video tutorials. Ans think MS is giving it free is a big zing! :) But see the screenshot i have attached. On homepage, it will ask to install Silverlight. Again MS is doing a promotion of silverlight as i think :). But though, nice to check if you need something.

Microsoft Videos BETA