Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pioneer - 400 GB optical discs

Memory size is always been of our interest friends.I have posted many news on HDD or other data storage devices which provides huge memory sizes.This one must be included in that list.Pioneer has claimed that they will represent a optical disc with a storage capacity of 400GB!

Pioneer has developed a 16-layer read-only optical disc which can store 400GB of data.The per-layer capacity is 25GB, the same as that of a Blu-ray Disc, and the multilayer technology will also be applicable to multilayer recordable discs.

Pioneer said,
"Multi-layered discs have been difficult to develop because 'crosstalk' from adjacent layers and transmission loss mean that getting a stable signal from the disc is often nearly impossible."
So it means if this thing got OK signal, then it will be used for data storage in corporates which needs such devices for daily data backup.Thus this will replace the slow tape drives which are in heavy usage now a days.Lets hope this happens,so we can have better and fast solution for data backup/storage.

Pioneer will present the details of this research at the International Symposium on Optical Memory and Optical Data Storage 2008 in Hawaii on 13 July.

source: vnunet