Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Notepad++ v5.1.2 Released

Released: 12.14.08

Whats New:
1. Fix localization (Japanese/Cyrillic/Hebrew...) display bug under Notepad++ Unicode version.
2. Fix Find in Files search in both Unicode/ANSI files.
3. Make Find in files thread-less to improve the performance and to avoid the crash.
4. Fix crash bug while loading File of User Defined Language.
5. Fix writing a key in registry while preference dialog launches
6. Fix crash in File Dialog if too many languages or extensions were added.
7. Fix memory leak when a file cannot be opened if it consumes too much memory.
8. Fix a vista issue : prevent Notepad++ save files to "virtual store" under vista.
9. Fusion 2 commands "activate main view" and "activate sub view" in "Focus the other view".
10. Fix close all files/app exit cancel bug.
11. Fix default button problem in Find in Files dialog.
12. Fix caret position moving problem after loading a session.
13. Fix bug when pasting to bookmarked lines in Unicode version.

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