Thursday, June 18, 2009

Zemanta - Enhances your writeup with suggested images, links, videos...

Guys guys, this is my second post of today, i just can not stop myself sharing this with you. Its very nice tool. This tool does is to try to help you making your work looks more creative.

while you write your blog post in Blogger, Zemanta opens up a sidebar next to the Blogger post editor. After you've written a few sentences, Zemanta analyzes the words in your post and suggests images and video that are relevant to your post; with one click, it inserts them into your post.

Check out the screenshot, click on it view in full size. I have written "Firefox is a nice browser", the text i have pointed with green arrow. and it has suggested me links, tags,images in the sidebar etc...

Yeah may be the main image it has given has nothing to do with firefox, but i said, ' It analyzes the text" so..we will understand, it can happen :).

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Jenny said...

Love it too. I used your post as a related article.