Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Basic Search Engine Optimization

Well many of my friends both personal and professional are now building up blogs and websites and one thing they complain about is their website is not indexed. Why? Here's something that may be useful to them. Its not overnight work but takes time.

Search engines are the single best source of free website traffic. But getting to the top of the rankings takes alot of time and effort. Starting off on the right foot is important to be successful.
The two single most important factor of basic search engine optimization (SEO) is your TITLE and META Description tags. Now some people will argue that building backlinks and blogging are more important and I do agree with them, but I feel those are more advanced stages of SEO. Your website title tag, which defines the content displayed in a browser's address bar when displaying a Web page, is one of the most important elements in the search engine optimization process for a Web page. Well-composed Title tags should contain clear, concise, coherent, and keyword-rich content. Because space for your title tag is limited do not waste that prime real estate by including your domain name or name of your business. Your Meta Description tag determines what some search engines will show on their search results pages when listing your page. Consequently, the tags content should be descriptive, enticing and brief. Because search engines do scan this tag for keyword usage, Meta Description tags should include all of the keywords for which the Web page is being optimized. However, the main purpose of this tag is to be a description of what content is on your entire web page. By having a precise Meta Description tag can ensure that your website is being seen by the correct audience.

Perfecting the combo or Title and Meta description tags can take some time and research, but it is well worth it. Free target website traffic from search engines starts with basic Search Engine Optimization.