Wednesday, May 21, 2008

MessangerGroup - Why it is needed?

I just published the news of MessengerGroup feature. I have tried it, made my own group and invited friends. But what i think is what Microsoft is up to? I mean what is the benefit of this grouping?

As all of us know, we can create a group chat in Windows Live messenger then who wants this so called MessengerGroup?

The only thing unique about it is, who ever adds it in their MSN contact list will be a member of the group automatically. You don't need to invite them all again. Your conference is saved forever in your contact list. You just open it and chat to your friends.

It has some commands to get information about the users and the service itself. You can type '/help' in the input and it will show you all the commands. I will not talk here about all of them, but let's see some important ones.
write '/open' or send a 'nudge' - will show sidebar of user list.
/users - shows all registered users in this chat group.
But i don't think people will use this one if they are comfortable with Messenger conference. This one can be added to your website also, but i am not including it here.

Give your inputs, why this one is released when MSN has conference feature? I mean invite users into some chat is not so irritating. Ya may be if you have a hell lot of contacts in your list, then you can use this so no need t remember things!