Thursday, May 22, 2008

Microsoft Office : New file formats opened

This is something of our interest. Cnet has discussed that BECTA (British Educational Communications and Technology Agency) has filed complaint against Microsoft for not supporting Open standards. After two days of this complaint, Microsoft declared that they will provide support for ODF (Open Document Format), PDF and XPS. They also mentioned that,
"This is not because of a sue but we have already planned".
Microsoft will support ODF as it is used by many users in governments and schools. They want Office to be compliant with open standards, so users can view such files in Office. Also conversion support for older versions of Office will be provided. Ms also talked that they want to work with Open-source community for the conversion tool.

Now i think Microsoft is on right track. The open-source industry is the reason for this as per my opinion, because open-source is growing very fast and now MS feels a better competition. And we will get benefit of this competition. Its great :)! It seems that MS have to do some new changes in their products and polices as per the new Open-source era.

Let hope something better now :).


Sandy said...

the bottom line is that they will charge even for that

Parth Barot said...

As per Microsoft's image, we can think so :). But let's hope may be newer prices will be available. Though, Ms will be MS in any way ;).