Saturday, May 3, 2008

Pictomio 1.0 Final

Pictomio is Freeware and sets new standards for 3D accelerated browsing of your photo and video collection.
Pictomio requires a graphics card with ShaderModel 2.0 and a minimum of 128 MB video RAM.

It says,
After a period of intensive bug fixing and optimization we are proud to present today the final release of Pictomio 1.0. As promised this version is still freeware and you can download it and organize your photos, create fancy slide shows or just view your photos with it. Though we fixed a lot of bugs and improved the performace, there might be still a few flaws and for sure there are a lot of features you'd like us to add (also we have a lot of new features in mind). Therefore we are still happy to receive your comments, suggestions and bug reports. The best way to let us know is to post them in the forum under the appropriate topic.