Saturday, May 3, 2008

want easy linux? try Ubuntu...

I know this is not the first one to use but i am a newbie to Ubuntu and also installing Linux after about 4 to 5 years.I like you to use Linux and forget windows because Linux is free,open,simple,learning station.It doesn't hides anything from you.

Are you a windows user like me who dont qwant troubles of installing linux?Reason can be any but its a trouble i know.

We need to format the disk, remove windows ,install linux with great care and then again install windows over it becasue you can't leave without it.

Actually i want to get rid of windows and want to move on linux.But its not easy as my development and aother things are to be set on linux.

Then i seen site of wubi, the installer which installs linux on windows like any other software you do.i found it too easy.I just downloaded the latest ubuntu 8.04 LTS (long term service) ISO file from internet.When i loaded it into virtual drive, wubi popped up.

And your task done. Just give it a Drive having 8 to 10 GB space, give 8 to 10 GB space for installation,choose your username & pass. and click 'install'! simple!

It will install ubuntu in the drive,backup the ISO file,and asks for reboot.When you reboot, it will show you 'ubuntu' with windows XP in windows MBR!its great.And after choosing ubuntu from the OS choice menu, it will install it in 15 minutes.

Loing and enjoy linux of you know it.Learn new things,try to used to terminal!And you can simply unistall it from windows' add/remove menu.Isn't its great?

best thing about latest Ubuntu 8.04 is,
-easy install/unistall from windows.
-network configuration for internet is autodetect in most cases.
-easily you can add/remove programs from system.It will download new packages from internet to install.
-includes most needed programs pre-installed.(Firefox,pidgin etc.)
And i suggest you to get below listed packages from add/remove first to get your multimedia on,
-restricted media formats
suggest me if you know better things about ubuntu as i am also newbie to it. :)