Friday, June 27, 2008

Microsoft promised to extend XP support!

This is amazing news i read! Microsoft said, that they will support Windows XP upto 2014.And they will provide patches and hot fixes for XP for support upto April 2014.

May be this is because of lower acceptance of windows vista OR they have fear of lossing on windows users? Whatever it is, but this is good move by them for corporates. Many corporates are still using windows XP and not gonna upgrade their hardware for vista.

Microsoft senior VP Bill Veghte said,
"Our ongoing support for Windows XP is the result of our recognition that people keep their Windows-based PCs for many years,"
So obviously,as we have discussed before that if MS will stop XP support,then all corporates will be on linux? And may be some MS guy had read that :D? May be,but this gonna help lazy corporates who don't want to upgrade ;).

More @ InformationWeek


ajay said...

ya microosft is doing the right thing by providing the support for windows xp

Parth Barot said...

ya MS have to do that, as vista is not that popular as XP!And as i said,may corporate offices are using XP.So they MS don't want them to move onto linux :D

i think this is the reason.