Tuesday, July 1, 2008

DivFix++ v0.30a

DivFix++ is an AVI Fix and Preview tool. This Program allows you to preview your AVI videos which are currently downloading from ed2k, kad, bittorrent, gnutella and any other network. Simply fix them and watch them.

Yeah,after downloading a real Huge file you got to know that its not opening. Then don't worry,just feed the file to DivFix and it will make new copy of the file which is playable.

DivFix++ is supporting multiple OSes Like Linux,MacOSX,Win and others. Since people love downloading (legal) videos/clips from internet, DivFix++ is a must tool which every user needs to be in their arsenal.

What is new :
+Windows version recompiled with MinGW for removing MSVCR90.dll dependency. Thanks placio74
+"Keep Original" option disables save path now.
+Renamed CLI tokens.
+Added new CLI option. "DivFix++ avifile.avi" previews file.
+Added "media player path" to Preferences.
+Created Preferences button and dialog. Language setting moved there.
+Rename "Rebuild Index" to "Fix"
+Fixed some GUI layout.
+Updated Turkish translation.
+Added and Updated Czhec translation.(SeC0nd.uNiT)
+Added and Updated Japanise translation.(Norihito Waku)
+Fixed check errors bug.
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