Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pidgin 2.4.3 released!

Newer pidgin is here now.It has mostly some fixes for crashing.Check the changelog for all changes.

version 2.4.3 (07/01/2008):

* Yahoo! Japan now uses UTF-8, matching the behavior of official clients
and restoring compatibility with the web messenger (Yusuke Odate)
* Setting your buddy icon once again works for Yahoo! accounts.
* Fixes in the Yahoo! protocol to prevent a double free, crashes on
aliases, and alias functionality
* Fix crashes in the bonjour protocol
* Always use UTF-8 for Yahoo! (#5973)
* Fix a crash when the given jabber id is invalid.
* Make the IRC "unknown message" debugging messages UTF-8 safe.
* Fix connecting to ICQ
* Fix a memleak when handling jabber xforms.

* Include the send button plugin in the win32 build
* Various memory leak fixes
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